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just just just What can you say can be your trademark design?

just just just What can you say can be your trademark design?

I do believe my trademark design today is clean line art with flat colors and ordinary, pastel-colored backgrounds. In addition have a tendency to utilize the themes that are same and once again, such as for example florals and waves, so that they be an integral part of my design. We additionally have a tendency to utilize the exact exact same colors, particularly red, it’s become part of my trademark style as well so I think.

Where can you simply just simply take motivation from?

We mostly just take motivation from things that I like or bring me personally joy. I’ve always enjoyed plants because they’re fascinating and fun to attract. They may be drawn with virtually such a thing. I really like drawing game consoles because they’re a right component of my youth. In addition see them to be actually enjoyable to draw and combine along with other items, such as for example plants and maybe even Ramune carbonated drinks! Instead of being encouraged, i do believe we draw mostly because i wish to have a great time drawing items that i prefer.

What’s the art community in Indonesia like? Can you participate in a complete great deal of cons?

Personally I think such as the art community in Indonesia, especially its pop music art community, is flourishing.